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We believe in treating animals with respect. We use
positive reinforcement training techniques,
specifically Clicker/Marker Training.

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A Revolutionary Approach To Dog Training

Leanne found there has been great success in using Clicker Training. She noticed that the dogs going through positive reinforcement training were learning faster and retaining what they learned. Due to this success and her ongoing studies, WOW! DOG Training was started and will only use positive reinforcement methods of training. If you’re looking for choke chains, prong collars or shock collars, or any other method that uses pain or intimidation, this is not the place for you.

WOW! Dog Training puts clients first and is well respected and referred to by local veterinarians, kennels, and clients.

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Whether you are looking to learn from home, personal training, or in a group training setting – WOW! Dog Training will work with you and whichever learning style is best for you, your schedule, and your dog. We’re here for you, to help bring out the AMAZING in your dog!

We help YOU find the
AMAZING in your dog!

Positive training
puts the emphasis on
teaching dogs
what to do,
not continually
punishing a dog
for not doing what we want.
-Victoria Stilwell
Certified Professional

Wall of Love

At WOW! Dog Training we work extremely hard to make sure that your dog is in the best care, but we also strive for YOUR happiness as well!

Kari Wilson
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I am beyond satisfied with WOW Dog Training! Leanne Good is a terrific certified trainer offering knowledgeable training advice using positive reinforcement techniques. She has been exceptional in helping us build a confident and responsive dog. We have enjoyed her training style so much as to go on with her Rally and Trick classes. She offers great value for competitive prices! i would strongly recommend!
Paul Watson
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Wow Dog Training provided a terrific experience for my dog and I! Leanne Good offers professional, science based training delivered in a comprehensive, kind lesson. With her coaching, I was able to work through my dogs reactivity, and can now enjoy loose leash walking in the park. I would not hesitate to recommend this business.
Harold Mosher
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5 Stars!
Jennifer Young
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My puppy Marbles and I completed both Basic Manners and Life Skills classes with WOW Dog Training. Leanne's knowledge and experience training dogs is obvious. Not only did we learn basic skills, I now have a better understanding of how to go about shaping desirable behaviours in Marbles in the future. I am very pleased with my experience with WOW Dog Training.
Valerie Beebe
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I’ve now taken several courses with Leanne Good at Wow Dog Trg. I’ve found the knowledge she has & the amount she shares with her student’s is above reproach.:). If things don’t work one way for a student she’ll work to find another that does.:). She makes sure everyone in class has a clear understanding of her directions. She provides videos for all students to view after class, for clarity, of what’s been covered in class. If a student has a question, there’s a spot to email the question, & Leanne will reply before the following week. The homework cards given provide instant reference if you’re having a problem or forgotten how something was taught in class.:). I, personally, don’t hesitate to continue my training with Wow Dog Training. I also recommend Wow Dog Training for those with new puppies or those with dogs needing help with Manners. Also, for those wanting more training, Life Skills.
Flaire Lacey
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Leanne taught me the kindest and gentlest way to train my Australian Labradoodle. Clover thrived in the classes and we both came out better for being there. I highly recommend taking not only the puppy class, but the second set as well. Then if wanting further fun with your dog, take the rally classes!
Gai Ashman Brown
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It is no surprise Leanne's last name is 'Good' 🙂 We found her training techniques to be intuitive, beyond helpful and personalised. Our little Violet thrived under her tutelage. Leanne is non judgemental, has little affect and seems to understand and relate to dogs instantly. She is most definitely a champion for her canine friends- highly recommend. We'll be back for next level training for sure!
Lynn Brisbin Rodgers
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I have enjoyed working with my dog Hank under Leanne’s patient, and knowledgeable instruction. Leanne understands dogs, and is an excellent trainer.
Annely Beckmann
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I’ve seen the light and now understand the concept and incremental steps of clicker training and positive reinforcement as opposed to what was my learned default in training. It always puzzled me how positive trainers did it but what fundamentally was missing in everything I was seeing is how important it is to capture the first hint of giving the desired result and building up. Your description of clicker training was also the first time it made sense and people have tried to make it make sense. Your illustration that it’s like capturing a picture with a camera for some reason is what finally made it make sense. Thanks.
Kristina Rus
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Loved our classes! Leanne and her assistant were super helpful and kind. The technique used works well and fast. So glad to have taken this course and can’t wait to sign up for more!